This website contains links to my books, articles, and lectures. I hope to share my knowledge and experience and offer a useful perspective on compelling topics. I emphasize thoughtful observation of complex factors, understanding their interrelation, and developing robust conclusions.

I believe in gathering a wider and deeper range of knowledge – a context for understanding that is a broader, methodical, and disciplined way to think. Success in any field combines predicting the future, the confidence to make bold choices, and the fortitude to stay with those choices. Therefore, this approach requires understanding many elements ranging from innovative strategies, technological and scientific disruption, global economics, game theory, competitive and microlevel analysis, as well as human behavior and emotions.

Extraordinary opportunities are being created along with unforeseen risks and unintended consequences from disruptive technologies and the global transformations they are causing. I hope to present some perspectives in my books, articles, and lectures to help understand these developments.

I have been an investor, entrepreneur, author, and lecturer for over 30 years. I am the Chairman and CEO of Arcadia Capital, a venture capital and public equity investment firm.

I have focused my career on innovation and disruptive technologies impacting the world’s most important industries, especially finance, artificial intelligence, software, communication, energy, and life sciences. I have served on over 35 boards of directors and worked with many management teams to build transformative and successful companies based in Silicon Valley, China, and Western Europe.

I have written four books on investment principles and strategies, technological innovation, and cross-disciplinary thinking. His books are Investment Principles: Strategies for an Irrational WorldTransformation and Investing: Disruption, Opportunity, and Absurdity; The Ten Year Horizon: Irrationality and Transformation, and Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets: Terror and Opportunity.  

Included in this website is a series of articles and lectures originally prepared for academic and private audiences. My work focuses on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, disruption, and rational approaches to all of these developments. I have lectured and researched at Harvard, MIT, and UCLA, and most recently at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

I have advanced degrees from the Harvard Business School (MBA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Computer Science and Advanced Technologies), and the Harvard Kennedy School (Global Leadership and Public Policy). I also have a B.S. in Biology and Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

I am a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel, active with Harvard University’s Innovation Center, was a member of the President’s Circle of the Milken Institute (until 2015), and lectured at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business (from 1993 to 1998).